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Create a Diverse Portfolio

with 4 in-demand Projects increasing in levels of complexity (see references below)

Interior Design

Project 1

Creating Exterior Structure

Creating Interior Models

Materials and Textures

Lighting & Rendering

Logo Animation

Project 2

Creating 3D Logo and Elements

Materials and Lighting

Background & Logo Animation

Special Effects & Rendering

Product Modeling

Project 3

Modeling Base Mesh

Define Body Panels

High Poly Modeling

Final Composition

Character Animation

Project 4

Rigging and Skinning

Character Animation

Facial & Secondary Animation

Hair and Cloth Effects

Where does learning happen?

Software proficiency is not gained in a conventional classroom or online training; it occurs when you work on-the-job through repetition and trial and error. This method of learning takes time and often leads to poor work habits.

3DTraining, in collaboration with our partner production company 3DMIRAGE, designed a work simulation methodology to solve this problem where participants create four portfolio projects with given deliverables and deadlines, similar to the real world.

3DTraining programs are self-paced and conducted online using our patent-pending interactive simulator platform in combination with live-online labs and private one-on-one sessions from industry experts.

Participants can reduce the time taken to gain professional-level software proficiency from years to just months using this methodology. See below for our student success stories.

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WORK SIMULATOR: Interactive Online Platform

Learn by completing projects using our proprietary Work Simulator Platform and live-online review/lab sessions.

SELF-PACED: Start, Pause & Resume Anytime

Select flexible deadlines that enable you to complete all four projects within 2 to 12 months based on your weekly schedule.

AFFORDABLE: Diverse Payment Options

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Autodesk currently provides a FREE 1-YEAR MAYA software license for eligible students

Graduation Benefits

Get a competitive edge during company or client interviews with the following:

01 - Certificate

Provided upon completion of all projects

02 - Portfolio

With four diverse professional projects

03 - Reference Letter

Based on participation in our internship program

Student Gallery

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Program Reviews

"It was a good experience, you got to get a feel for what it's like having a job in this field more so than just a classroom."

Leah J. (Maya Student)

"The step by step explanations and very clear directions on how to create a project. You finish the Workshop with a solid understanding of the work you will be doing in a professional environment."

Dagoberto G. (Maya Student)

"Pretty good program. Great insight on tips and tricks on increasing work pace and professional workflow. Instructors are knowledgeable and motivate you along the way. Overall a pretty good experience."

Neetha S. (Maya Student)

"I had a very good learning experience with 3DTraining. The classes are very production oriented. I know that I can go out and take any challenge thrown at me."

Douglas P. (Maya Student)

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3DTraining, Inc., based in New York, was established through a collaboration between 3DMIRAGE Studios and Autodesk. Our mission is to bridge the gap between learning and working in the design field.

The company has developed a patent-pending work-simulator platform, leveraging an innovative 'learning-by-doing' approach to rapidly acquire expertise in the latest software versions and AI tools.

Our leadership team and advisory board consist of former senior executives from renowned companies, including Autodesk, Bentley Systems, Adobe, Apple, NYU, and CitiGroup.

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